Immediate loading implantology case

The problem

The patient suffering from severe chronic periodontitis had lost much of the dentition of the lower arch and all the teeth of the upper arch were irretrievably compromised. He didn’t want removable prostheses and wanted a solution that resembled the teeth as much as possible.

Before the surgery

The solution

Given the excellent availability of bone, it was decided to insert at least 6 implants per arch so as to be able to make fixed ceramic prostheses. The case realized in 2009 used for the first time the Nobelguide guided surgery technology that allows to insert the implants without the use of the scalpel and sutures, with special masks based on the patient’s CT scan and on a computer schedule. This technique reduces post-operative pain and swelling, minimizing surgical trauma. An immediate loading of the implants was carried out and the final prostheses made at CAD CAM, or digital dental technology, were delivered. Control at 10 years demonstrates the long-term success of implants and prostheses without any problems.

After the surgery

Before and after | the results achieved




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