Case of prosthesis on front teeth

The problem

The patient presented a striking irregularity and asymmetry of the gingiva of the front teeth, complicated by the congenital agenesis of the left lateral incisor from the presence of incongruous ceramic metal crowns with very dark teeth due to past endodontic therapies.

Before the surgery

The solving

The therapy plan included the removal of the old restorations and re-preparation of the teeth for the promissors of the anterior group. Subsequently the gingiva was surgically corrected to recreate a harmony of the gingival parabolas. Finally, single zirconium crowns were created that recreated a harmony of shape and color of the front group. The final color, although not ideal, harmonizes with the remaining discolored dentition due to the intake of tetracycline.

After the surgery

Before and After | Achieved results


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