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What is dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics are all interventions to be performed to have a beautiful smile, with white teeth and well aligned

Dental Aesthetics - Giovanni Fazi

Ceramic veneers

What are ceramic veneers

The ceramic veneers are simple thin ceramic sheets (about 6mm) that are applied with a special adhesive to the tooth enamel.

How are applied

They have a minimal preventive preparation, in which the enamel is treated, after which they are applied to the teeth. This creates a strong bond between tooth and ceramic that guarantees a result that lasts over time and cannot be distinguished from real teeth.

In which cases are used

They can be used in many cases:

  • aesthetic factor
  • cover congenital gray teeth
  • reshape chipped or eroded teeth
  • remove excessive spaces between teeth
  • small teeth alignment defects

Facets can also be used individually as in the more classic case where an incisor is broken.
As well as individually, they can also be used in sets composed of 8 facets per arch, in order to correct imperfections and make the patient’s smile perfect.
They are the best choice for going to have the right shape and color of teeth.

Some pictures

Example 1: 4 facets on incisors to improve the shape and maintain the natural color of the teeth

Example 2: 8 facets on the upper dental arch to shape the shape and restore a beautiful tooth color