Find out what crowns and dental bridges are and what they are for

What is dental crown

Dental crowns and bridge

The crown is the part of the tooth that you see inside the mouth.
It has two main tasks:

  • make the tooth aesthetically pleasing to the eye, modifying the shape and colour if necessary.
  • protect it from infections that can cause tooth decay and pyorrhea and also fractures if it has been devitalized.

The material with which it is made is very important: ceramic metal, zirconium, metal

Metals are the materials used for the inner part of the crown and the external part is in ceramic.
The new materials and the use of digital technologies allow the realization of completely ceramic metal-free crowns as an alternative to ceramic metals. In particular, the zirconium crown is biocompatible, solid, translucent, lighter and more resistant than the metal-ceramic one, with a long life and a high aesthetic performance.

The task of dental bridges

The traditional bridges have the task of replacing some missing teeth.
In recent years bridges have been overthrown by the implants, but still, remain important when it comes to replacement work and in the presence of solid support roots.
In the past bridges called “circular” existed. They were prostheses that covered the whole arch, the risk was to damage the whole bridge due to damage on a single tooth.
Today the bridges cover 3, at most 4 elements, even interspersed with implants, giving the prosthesis the possibility of having articulators with semi-individual values ​​or individual values ​​that faithfully guarantee the positions and movements of the two upper and lower arches.

Dr Giovanni Fazi after having specialized in Prosthetics at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) has gained an experience of over 20 years.

In his clinics, Dr Giovanni Fazi makes prosthetic restorations that are guaranteed for 5 years but are made to last at least 20 years.