Find out the Endodontics in Tuscany

What is endodontics

It is that part of medicine that deals with treating the inside of a tooth, after losing strength following a cavity that has reached depth.

Endodontics in Tuscany- Giovanni Fazi

What is it for?

The endodontics allows the recovery of the tooth that have come to generate abscesses or granulomas (chronic condition) through new technologies that allow treatments, previously non-executable.

How the therapy works

The therapy consists in thoroughly cleaning the roots with nickel and titanium metal alloys that allow high flexibility and are very resistant to various types of breakage.
Thanks to innovative instruments (apex locators) it is possible to see inside the root of the tooth and identify possible difficulties in therapy in advance.
The next step is to go and seal the tooth with thermoplastic materials using the obtura syringe or the system b, with reduced execution times.