Find out how to improve your Oral hygiene

What is oral hygiene

This is thorough dental cleaning, performed thanks to the use of ultrasonic and manual instruments.

Horal hygen in tuscany-Giovanni-Fazi

What is it for?

It is used to completely remove the tartar until the tooth and gum meet, removing the pockets that can create gum disease, so it goes to prevent them.
In addition to the removal of tartar, oral hygiene also serves to remove the annoying brown spots of smokers due to nicotine, thanks to the use of bicarbonate.

Teeth whitening

Dental bleaching on front teeth can only be performed on people who have not performed prosthetic restorations.

How it is executed

The meeting lasts about 50 minutes and is divided into phases:

  • Gingival check-up on gum health.
  • Tartar dental cleaning with ultrasounds and manual devices.
  • Removal of nicotine stains (in smokers) or food.
  • Teeth polishing.
  • Application of fluorine (on children and teenagers).
  • Brief lesson on how to properly use the toothbrush and floss.
  • Dental check-up on any cavities previously hidden by tartar, using state-of-the-art “Diagnocam” instrumentation which, thanks to the use of a laser light and an HD camera, is able to find cavities even in depth, without X-rays. Besides being a very efficient technique, it can also be performed on pregnant women and children.