Find out the Periodontology in Tuscany

What is periodontology

Periodontology is that part of medicine that deals with gums and its problems.

Pyorrhea: the most widespread gum disease

This disease, also called gum disease, can occur on patients of all ages, increasing the possibility over the years. In some cases it can also occur at a young age if the classic oral hygiene rules are not followed.

How periodontology treats gum diseases

Periodontal diseases do not show any obvious symptoms except halitosis, slight bleeding and some gum discomfort. There are cases where people only notice the problem when the teeth begin to move (they have lost the bone mass that supports the teeth) and often the situation is not recoverable.

The treatment

There are various treatment steps:

Step 1 (Checking and cleaning):
A thorough cleaning of the teeth is performed up to the area between the root and the gum, removing the tartar both above and below the gum (usually this step tends to be carried out under local anesthesia in order to proceed with a more thorough cleaning without the patient having unpleasant discomforts). After that, the patient is checked again and, if pockets still exist, they will be surgically removed.

Phase 2 (Surgery):
At this stage, the gums are repositioned correctly to eliminate infections. There are some cases in which it is necessary to reconstruct the bone with the use of synthetic substitutes.

Phase 3 (Maintenance):
They are simple periodic reminders for performing hygiene.

Gum recession

In case of gingival recession, you can go to act with grafts of gingiva or connective tissue taken from the palate, which can guarantee satisfying, minimally invasive results with long-term duration