Discover the Removable prothesis in Tuscany

What are removable prostheses

Removable prostheses are simply the classic dentures that are used on patients without teeth that have not too small bone mass.

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In the case of reduced bone mass

In the event that the patient has a smaller bone mass (a greater bone resorption), it is necessary to take action by inserting implants that stabilize the entire prosthesis.
This is done by inserting implants similar to press-studs that give greater stability and are performed with immediate loading (in the usual session) See All On 4 technique.
This operation is fast and allows, in the healing time of about 3 months, to have a stable prosthesis so as to make the patient live a serene life without too many traumas.

For each patient a correct phonetics, a correct chewing and a beautiful aesthetics will be guaranteed.