All On Technique 4 - Fixed dental arch

Fixed dental arch

The technique called All On 4, is used on patients who are completely missing, or are provided only with tooth residues.
A fixed prosthesis is created and includes all the arch (lower or upper) by inserting a small number of implants (normally the implants used to ensure stability are 4 for each dental arch).
The use of a smaller number of implants significantly reduces the cost and makes the whole operation very simple, avoiding bone reconstructions thanks to the technique of inclination of the posterior implants.

From the denture to a fixed dental arch

This type of intervention allows, through temporary prostheses called immediate loading, to pass from the use of a normal denture (with consequent problems and discomfort) to a whole fixed dental arch in just over an hour. These implants allow correct chewing and significantly reduce the discomfort of the mobile one on the same day that the implants are inserted.

The prostheses used

For this type of prosthesis, we can use:

  • Titanium bars (CAD CAM) for good support of prosthetic teeth, as already happens in canonical dentures.
  • Solid Zirconia prosthesis Monoblock totally without metals, aesthetically pleasing and durable.