Classic implantology: the best choice to restore teeth

Classic Implantology

When we are faced with cases of permanently compromised teeth, whether for fractures, advanced caries or unimportant diseases, the use of titanium substitutes, the best solution is classical implantology.

Being able to use dental implants, brings many benefits to your mouth and to your health; they have a long lifespan and can reduce the load on adjacent teeth using crowns or bridges, without affecting them with classic filings for the insertion of the latter.

In addition to preserving adjacent teeth, the use of implants helps to preserve the jaw bone that would otherwise lose its mass, in the absence of a single tooth or multiple teeth.

Estimates in hand, define such dental implants as durable over time compared to classic restorations.

Timing of dental implants

Traditional healing time for implant osteointegration ranges between 3 and 6months.

Today, new clinical protocols and new implant designs, unlike the older ones, allow the insertion of the new implant in the usual session in which the tooth is extracted, limiting the healing time to only 6-8 weeks. This procedure is the same for both single teeth, multiple teeth or even whole arches.
To operate in these terms, it is defined as immediate loading.

This clinical protocol can be combined to another one, namely that of CT guided surgery that allows less invasive operations, especially on the work of entire dental arches, going to act via trans mucosa going to eliminate the use of scalpels and consequently of the annoying post-operative swelling and pain.
All this translates in reduced traetment time, reduced number of visits, non need for remivable temporary prosthesis, minimally invasive surgeries and therefore significant cost reductions.

below is a video from the website of my studio in Florence