Find out the Immediate loading implantology

What is immediate load implantology?

It is an innovation in implantology that allows for reduced treatment and healing times, an easier and more painless placement and placement.

Immediate loading

How does it work?

Through an X-ray that will be used to perform a TC CONE BEAM that will function as a guide, a prosthetic planning can be performed, identifying the exact position for the insertion of the implant for a correct occlusion of the mouth and for an aesthetic factor of the patient .

This procedure allows you to perform a kind of virtual digital surgery, using an innovative software that, once all the data has been acquired, will simulate the right position of the plant, taking into account the anatomy of the customer’s mouth. This software has almost no margin of error (less than a millimeter).

Once the procedure has been performed, the program will provide a surgical guide through a CAD CAM that allows to have the highest working efficiency.

The Surgery

It will be performed under local anesthesia, through the mucosa without going to affect the gum, reducing post-operative pain and swelling.

The execution times

The execution times, compared to the usual implant performed not through mucosa, is considerably reduced.
We talk about a maximum of 3 hours for a complete dental arch.

In case of poor bone quantity

In the case of bone scarcity, this innovative technique allows the implants to be tilted, avoiding bone grafting.

Fixed temporary teeth

Once the procedure is complete, it is possible to insert temporary fixed teeth previously prepared with specially designed protocols in the usual session.
The patient will be able to leave the clinic with temporary fixed teeth that work and allow chewing, a correct speech and a beautiful appearance.

Delivery of the final plant

In about 7 weeks, the implants integrate perfectly with the bones.
This will be the time to make the final teeth on additional information derived from the use of the provisionals in the previous weeks.