Find out Orthodontics of the Child in Tuscany


The phases, or steps, to be carried out substantially are 2:

  • Interceptive phase
  • Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontics of the Child

Interceptive phase

It is the first phase, the preliminary one, in which the causes of the child’s malocclusion are intercepted. The causes can be multiple, including atypical swallowing, pacifier use, thumb sucking or simply the premature loss of milk teeth, or in some cases the final ones.

This branch of orthodontics, not only serves to make the teeth more straight and pleasing to the eye, but also serves as a guide to the development of new teeth in conjunction with bone growth.

The orthodontist, after a careful analysis of the child’s mouth, will propose the best approach and intervention to the specific case; in many cases, the so-called “appliance” may be suggested even in the case of mixed teeth (permanent milk) in order to preventively optimize the harmony of the mouth and consequently the final result, also going to prevent any future surgery.

Orthodontic treatment

It is the application of the classic “fixed appliance” multi-brackets and is usually used on subjects that have almost all the definitive teeth, in the age of 12-13 for males and 11-12 in the case of females.