In my dental practices you are in excellent hands, with high professional skills and expertise, I will be able to address your  dental need with the most appropriate and modern dental therapies and I always guarantee predictable long-term outcome.

My cultural background (see homepage) and my professional experience, combined with a continuous updating of the methods, give me the opportunity to solve mouth problems with the best care.

The high quality of the materials used for my work and the state-of-the-art technologies, constantly renewed, of the machinery necessary for careful diagnosis and therapy, allow me to guarantee the results.

In my studies, every day, my first task is to understand, for each individual patient, adult or child, which are the best functional but also aesthetic treatments.

My experience and professionalism, ranging from implantology necessary for good chewing, to orthodontics essential for alignment and to dentistry for dental care and health, without forgetting dental aesthetics, allow me to advise the patient the best, shortest, least painful path and always keeping an eye on the economic possibilities, even coming to propose customized financial solutions.

Each patient who enters my studies will be put at ease and will live a unique experience, thanks to painless therapies, always in compliance with strict operational protocols, but with the aim of satisfying personal requests as much as possible.